Leo manages the warehouse at HQ and loves carefully moving around easyStorage customer’s self storage units (aka easyPods) on his forklift.

Max & Cody

Checking no sandwich is left uneaten while ensuring there is not to much chit chat in estimating 🙂


Gimli works on quality control…: Testing biscuits, left over brews and tummy rubs

Joey Zara and Wilf

Joey, Zara and Wilf are there to lend a hand and make people feel better. Zara’s favourite thing is Honky Pig so she makes sure he is on hand to make everything


Wilson joined HIT Training at 8 weeks old and has never yet missed a meeting!


Misha loves to answer our phones and speak to our clients. Once he has agreed on some chicken pieces for himself, he lets the team take care of business!


Miss Dixie’s checks underfloor heating is working by moving around the office & lying down on various “hot spots”. She also monitors traffic passing the window


Bounty is helping out with the filing today and requesting that people do not put things away in the wrong order.