Bring your dog to work day

June 23, 2023


If you give us your social media details when you register, you may well find your pooch selfie tagged on @BringYourDogToWorkDay.


Our Hall of Famers


Leo manages the warehouse at HQ and loves carefully moving around easyStorage customer’s self storage units (aka easyPods) on his forklift.

Max & Cody

Checking no sandwich is left uneaten while ensuring there is not to much chit chat in estimating 🙂


Gimli works on quality control…: Testing biscuits, left over brews and tummy rubs

Joey Zara and Wilf

Joey, Zara and Wilf are there to lend a hand and make people feel better. Zara’s favourite thing is Honky Pig so she makes sure he is on hand to make everything


Wilson joined HIT Training at 8 weeks old and has never yet missed a meeting!


Misha loves to answer our phones and speak to our clients. Once he has agreed on some chicken pieces for himself, he lets the team take care of business!


Miss Dixie’s checks underfloor heating is working by moving around the office & lying down on various “hot spots”. She also monitors traffic passing the window


Bounty is helping out with the filing today and requesting that people do not put things away in the wrong order.


Minstrel is helping out with the tedious job of checking the company VAT return, but is expecting a bacon sandwich as payment.


Lucy has joined the easyStorage Bristol, Bath and Cheltenham office. Her job is mostly eating snacks, snoozing and waiting for the postman.

Bambi & Peggy

Introducing the BTG support team – main duties are keeping feet warm and sleeping through Zoom meetings.


I am chief shoe collector and garden digger.

Darcy & Stan

Darcy likes to attempt to type but her grammar and spelling are not the best!


I guard the door and greet every new customer. I make sure everyone feels welcome and don’t let anyone walk out without a sniff and a kiss.


My name is Chester my job is to lay about looking beautiful and to be ready for flooffs, nose boops and cuddles to destress hoomams work fwends. #welfarepup

Ocho Hammond

Ocho is my assistance dog in training. I am a nurse and I use a wheelchair due to multiple health conditions. He enables me to keep working and helping others


Lola has had a long day of meetings, she can’t wait to get that tie off!


Ollie is a 5 year old lurcher x from Cardiff Dogs Home. He supervises his mam working and is looking after his bear just like all at the amazing Animals Asia.


Monty works from home contact tracing for COVID-19


Having a coffee break after a hard day in the office reading our ‘Live well, your way’ magazine

Zara, Squill and Wilf

Stand in ‘Vet’ Zara, being assissted by the ever helpful ‘Nurse’ Wilf to give friend Squill a check over and fix his poorly paw


Annie is a multi tasker.. from product testing (in a good way:) to fending off competitors (white, fluffy dogs) to being child minder to her 2 human brothers.


Leo takes a keen interest as Quality Control Officer for my little business, Kilts on the Coast.


Missy has the ultimutt job of welcoming customers to the paw-ffice, that’s nothing to be sniffed at!


Getting ready for the walk to work, where she will mostly be delivering cuddles, happiness and a bit of sunshine on an overcast Friday!


Ocho is my wheelchair assistance dog so he comes to work with me every day. His jobs include opening doors, picking things up, being petted in the care home…


Lucas was very proud to come 3rd in 2020 – thank you for his goodie box and this bandana! This year, he wanted to make a donation from his treat allowance.


Aphra’s job is to entertain. Additionally she reminds me I must put things away by running down the garden with them if I don’t.

Larry Scoopski

Working from home supervisor. Larry will make sure you take cuddle & treat breaks throughout the day.


Bonnie’s job is mainly centred around team motivation and morale. She’s the one keeping the team in check and feeling positive everyday!


Tatiana seems to operate mostly in an advisory capacity.


Teddy is in charge of customer service.He’s on a call with HR being accused of over ordering tennis balls 😁🎾.Loves any attention! Top worker/Tail Wagger 🐶❤️


Testing our BundleBean Baby and Wheelchair covers for cosiness! And being available for snuggles 🤗.


Martin’s job is to ensure he barks through every single on of my Zoom meetings 🙂


It’s quite hard to get a picture of Milo at his desk as he favours lying in a sunny spot in the garden! He’s been very supportive of Mum working at home though!


Sheriff the greyhound is our chief cuddler. He’s available at all times for unlimited hugs, strokes and feel good therapy. He has a very calming presence!


Nacho and older brother Archie are The Four Legged Foodie, finding and reviewing the best dog friendly places in London for our blog. It’s a hard life!!


Spot, a longdog with an NVQ Level 4 in Admin, seen managing an environmental charity office in Cornwall .. but he was so good at it, he’s now gone freelance


Office assistant, particularly good at knowing when it is time to stop Teams or Zoom and do something more interesting


Lucy has been training as an easyStorage truck driver. She is an important part of the team and has an ‘easy’ brand orange harness and lead as her uniform.


Ultimate poseur, bringing joy to all his friends and family


Enzo was supposed to be helping me with my admin…


Maggie loves to join us in meetings!


Bailey’s job became office DJ – he barked if the music wasn’t to his taste!


Everyday is a ‘Bring your dog to work day’ at VSL Consulting. Honey is practising social distancing while checking her email.


Princess is a surrogate Mom to orphan chimpanzees at Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection’s sanctuary in West Africa.