Bring your dog to work day

June 24th 2022

#BringYourDogToWorkDay #DogsWorkingFromHome

Join us LIVE on ZOOM for a festival of interactive streamed events that celebrate the relationship we have with animals. Enter the All Dogs Matter celebrity judged dog shows, or get your ticket for a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the peaceful life of Animals Asia’s rescued Moon Bears in China. Simply choose which event you want to enter, or all of them!  ALL money from ticket sales, as well as donations via this website, are split between the two charities.


Moon bear experience: Live stream from animals asia sanctuary in Chengdu, China

Exclusive event where a limited number of people will be able to see, for the first time ever via live stream, the peaceful rescued Moon Bears at Animals Asia’s Sanctuary in Chengdu China, as they forage for their enrichment treats.

The experience will be led by Ryan Marcel Sucaet - China Bear and Vet Team Director.

The session will also include a Q&A with Ryan and Jill Robinson MBE, founder and CEO of Animals Asia. And you will meet two of the sanctuary's resident dogs Muppet and ToZhai who were rescued from the meat trade.

This never seen before live event will be an uplifting experience for animal lovers everywhere. Get your tissues ready as you hear the heart-warming rescue stories of these beautiful bears.

Tickets Here June 26th, 8am

Britain's Best Home Office Dog

Is somebody getting a PAWMOTION? Could your pooch be crowned Britain's best home office dog? Show judge - Anna Webb.

Tickets Here June 26th, 11am

Best Lockdown Hero

Tell us how your dog has helped you or a loved one during lockdown. We want to hear your stories! Show judge - Marc Abraham.

Tickets Here June 26th, 1pm

Best Lookalike to Pet Parent or Celebrity

Does your Staffie look a bit like Brad Pitt? Or perhaps your Cockapoo looks like your nan? We look forward to seeing you and your clone wonders! Show judge - Peter Egan.

Tickets here June 26th, 2pm

Best Child Handler

Kids, this one's for you! What do you like to do best with your bestie? Just tell the judges - or maybe even show them - and win some fab goodies for your pooch. Show judge - Michelle Collins.

Tickets Here June 26th, 4pm

on the big day June 26th

What You Can Expect

Details of each event are on the individual EventBrite pages when you click on ‘Tickets.’ Follow @BringYourDogToWorkDay for event updates and to hear which TV station is going to be covering the big day!

The judges will do their absolute best to speak to as many of you on the day and please be aware that due to the large number of entrants, this may not be possible in every category. We will be recording the events so you and your dog may well appear in our show reel! It’s going to be a very memorable day, as well as a lot of fun, and we are deeply grateful for your donations. Both charities will be telling you about how the money raised will be spent.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day is about encouraging businesses to allow employees into the workplace with their dogs, celebrating the relationship we have with all animals – domestic and wild – and raising funds for animal welfare organisations that need our support more than ever this year.

Thank you. Jo Amit, event organiser (HOWND).