Giving a big welcome to everyone who passes by, as well as snoring during meetings, snuffling his Kong on calls, and generally bringing a smile to my face


Lucas is working from home at the moment and, to be honest, he’s slacking off a bit. He’s got the lockdown munchies and spends the days chewing up his teddies.


Dotty keeps everyone’s seat warm for them


Wispa basically keeps everyone alert by sleeping at the top of the stairs or anywhere where she may be a trip hazard.


Bounty is a great help with everyone’s diet at the office as she will eat any food being offered. here she is making a cup of tea for everyone.


Belle is approver of documents and chief spellchecker.


Making sure any food dropped on the floor by toddlers is cleaned up!

Ebsford Environmental Ltd

Ebsford is an environmental contractor providing client focused solutions for watercourse landscapes and invasive vegetation management.

Larry Scoopski

Larry will be in the office greeting everyone that comes through the door with his smiling face and waggy tail. He will likely lay on his back for tummy tickles