Consultancy Company working with ambitious start-up founders.


Chief barker and mail collector


I am chief shoe collector and garden digger.

Darcy & Stan

Darcy likes to attempt to type but her grammar and spelling are not the best!


I guard the door and greet every new customer. I make sure everyone feels welcome and don’t let anyone walk out without a sniff and a kiss.


My name is Chester my job is to lay about looking beautiful and to be ready for flooffs, nose boops and cuddles to destress hoomams work fwends. #welfarepup

Ocho Hammond

Ocho is my assistance dog in training. I am a nurse and I use a wheelchair due to multiple health conditions. He enables me to keep working and helping others


Lola has had a long day of meetings, she can’t wait to get that tie off!


Ollie is a 5 year old lurcher x from Cardiff Dogs Home. He supervises his mam working and is looking after his bear just like all at the amazing Animals Asia.


Monty works from home contact tracing for COVID-19