Bounty is helping out with the filing today and requesting that people do not put things away in the wrong order.


Minstrel is helping out with the tedious job of checking the company VAT return, but is expecting a bacon sandwich as payment.


Real-time mobile phone-based customer feedback using video and audio – a revolution in market research.


Lucy has joined the easyStorage Bristol, Bath and Cheltenham office. Her job is mostly eating snacks, snoozing and waiting for the postman.

Horton Housing Association

Horton Housing, a not-for-profit organisation, manages a range of housing, training and support services in Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and North Yorkshire.


We’re Itch. And we’re here to send pests packing and keep pets healthy, happy and always full of beans (not literally though, imagine the guffs).

Bambi & Peggy

Introducing the BTG support team – main duties are keeping feet warm and sleeping through Zoom meetings.

PetSafe® Brand

PetSafe® Brand is a global pet product expert, renowned for developing high quality, reliable product solutions that strengthen the bond between pets and pet parents.

Mimi Moss

She runs the office and our general dogsbody!


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